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Our Vision: Be the least exclusive (most inclusive) community for Hi-Tech Product Startup Founders. (We don't care to be "exclusive" by predetermining your ability to succeed or divining your "quality".

Our Mission: To empower all entrepreneurs to succeed in their product/startup vision, whether it is a VC-style high-growth startup or "just a lifestyle" business.

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  • We help you get at least one of the three degrees of success for startups: Venture-style, SMB, or Lifestyle.

  • As an entrepreneur in the (Founder Core), you are the center of our universe. Find Volunteers from our Inner Circle to help you quickly get Product/Market Fit and/or funding.
  • Also find & engage with quality Professionals on your terms (rate/duration/KPIs).
  • Find part-time work to manage your cashflow while bootstrapping. Yes, on your terms. As always!

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